Morningstar & Firstlinks

Morningstar and Firstlinks share a common belief in putting the end investor first with a mission to enable better investor outcomes. Morningstar Investor can support the editorial commentary that Firstlinks provides by giving you access to stock investing insights and tools to help you make informed investment decisions. Start a free 4-week trial to:

  • Find new investment ideas with stocks picks by our leading analysts on a monthly basis
  • Uncover 5-star rated global stocks using your own criteria and advanced investment filters
  • Track stocks you are interested in with custom watchlists

In addition, a Morningstar Investor trial also gives you full access to research, ratings and reports on 450+ ETFs and funds, special reports on the latest investing trends, daily market updates and more.

Trial Signup Bonus: Subscription to Australia’s leading investment newsletter since 1973 – Your Money Weekly (formerly Huntleys).

The ideal companion for your investing journey

Discover new investments, track & analyse your portfolio, and navigate market shifts with Morningstar Investor, our flagship subscription product for Individual Investors.



Call: 1800 034 455 (Australia)

From Overseas: +61 2 9276 4455

Weekdays: 9am - 5:30pm, Sydney Local Time

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