Morningstar Premium offers independent investment research, insights and tools to help you make informed investment decisions to reach your goals with confidence.

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced investor, Premium can support you in your investing journey with:

  • Research and ratings on over 1500 global stocks and 500 funds, ETFs and Hybrids to evaluate your picks.
  • Premium Portfolio Manager powered by Shareisght to analyse and track multiple portfolios with ease.
  • Smart investment tools to find our top-rated investment ideas in Australia and international markets.

Latest on Premium: Attractive Dividend Payers
Sectors with the greatest opportunity for rising payout ratios and near-term dividend growth in Australia. Includes specific companies our analysts forecast will grow dividends in fiscal 2021 from depressed fiscal 2020 levels.

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How can Morningstar Premium help you?

Since 1984, our independent investment insights have helped investors reach their financial goals with confidence.
Here's how Robert leveraged Premium to achieve financial independence:

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